Josh Rios


I have a cultural analytic practice that engages exhibition making, critical pedagogy, the expanded field of publication, programming, activism, and discourse (convenings, gatherings, and dialogues) in order to intervene upon hegemonic forms of social memory, the commodification of the imaginary, and techno-epistemic domination. My work is part of a legacy of decolonization and uses decolonial methodologies to create reparative counter-narratives, new images of the future, and the possibility for social change. I use creativity as a critical tool to analyze the role of power in society and experimentation as a way to challenge prevailing interpretive structures. Guiding questions in my practice include: what is the nature of the relationship between creativity and social life, how does the erasure of disciplinary boundaries allow for the posing of different questions, what does critical creativity do to mobilize political transformation, and what can education do to challenge the neoliberalization of the imaginary. I specialize in thinking about themes surrounding Latin America, Latinx/Chicanx/Indigenous identity and identification, postcolonialism, neocolonialism, the archive, history, sci-fi, and ficto-criticism.

i am american: i speak english

is our future a thing of the past?

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broadcast from a serpent-headed spaceship

please don't bury me alive! part one & two

richard serra is an important latino artist 

i'll make you a movie after i eat

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every sentence is populated by the voices of others

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begin, edit, end, again, 

lecture in the form of a question